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AWM is a fee-only financial advisor designed to provide financial solutions for Haitian- American business owners and executives looking for expert advice, education, and time. Services include:


Small business strategic planning helps spot your business's strengths and weaknesses and potential entry barriers. Once the strategic planning process is underway, owners and managers will have a more precise direction for their business. Achilles Wealth Management remains active and involved with reviews to help make any necessary adjustments.

Strategic Planning
Retirement Planning


Business ownership comes with many tax-advantaged ways to start saving for retirement. Retirement Planning is not only available for business owners but for their teams as well. Achilles Wealth Management will help you identify the best strategy and structure that meets your personal and employee retirement needs.


Prudent planning needs to be done with diversifying and investments that must be carefully chosen for the owner's portfolio. It helps lower the risks that come with owning and running a business. However, business owners may face difficulty developing an appropriate investment plan. Thus, Achilles Wealth Management helps business owners invest in their businesses and other investment vehicles.

Investment Planning
Tax Planning


If business owners have different marginal rates at different income brackets, they can coordinate their taxation to reap maximum benefits for the business and themselves. Here at Achilles Wealth Management, we conduct an in-depth analysis of your taxation to ensure we develop a tailored tax strategy focused on minimizing your tax liability.


While many personal risks can be managed during the business's legal structuring, business owners need specialized insurance coverage over and beyond what they hold for themselves and their families. In addition, if a company has employees, content for your work also becomes necessary. That's where Achilles Wealth Management steps in with industry knowledge to help business owners manage risk.

Risk Management
Exit Planning


Achilles Wealth Management carefully guides you through choosing an exit strategy that meets your personal and business goals. Moreover, we align your company's principles with core team members, including but not limited to your CPA, your legal team, your banker, and any other member having a considerable effect on your finances to ensure long-term growth.

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